Zodiac signs' finest attributes in relationships

From their dating styles, zodiac signs show their greatest attributes in love. Some wear their feelings on their sleeves.




Others will help you reconnect with yourself. Which zodiac sign's finest attributes make them attractive? The solutions await:





Dating an Aries means being ready to live loudly and courageously because the ram loves adventure. Shortening the first date for a sunset boat ride? You may have worn the wrong shoes, but be flexible.


Venus attracts this earth sign to beauty. You may not be able to shake them out of their comfort zone, but they can create lifelong memories. Prepare to cry every time you have a picnic beneath the stars because it will never be the same without them.


Dual personalities, like the twins, give you the best of both worlds. You go from lazing on the couch in your pajamas to unexpectedly arranging a Mediterranean vacation, because why not?


This loving and compassionate sign wishes they could battle the world for you, but since they can't, they'll settle with being your stable shoulder at night.


Dating a Leo may need you to stand back to accommodate their primary character energy, but you will never find someone who can pump you up like this fire sign. They will insist the sky is the limit.


Mercury-ruled Virgos are loyal lovers who exhibit their love subtly. How did you file your taxes on time? So now you know.

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