Zodiac sign inner child needs part I

Most of our adult lives are unconsciously shaped by how we felt as children, what we witnessed, and what we accepted. Overachieving in adulthood may be the only way we subconsciously learnt to feel acknowledged and appreciated as children. Unanchored rebellion may suggest that going against the mainstream helped us stand out as youngsters. That saying ‘yes’ when we wanted to say ‘no’ would impress adults and peers.



Inner child work, introduced by Carl Jung in his analytical approach to psychotherapy, is difficult, yet you may become best friends with it to help you thrive instead of throwing a tantrum in a mall. Your zodiac may reveal what your inner child wants from you.




Your inner kid secretly wants connection. In those unexpected eruptions, all it wants is help making sense of things, especially when they go against its wishes. Add calming music to your routine when you feel lost, confused, or misunderstood to lessen the pain. Do it before you say anything you'll regret.


Rushing annoys your inner kid. The method and speed it prefers feels comfortable, grounded, and linked to your deepest wishes. Breathe and remember that slowing down is the medicine to speeding up when you feel rushed.


Your inner child only wants you to realize that your split personas are genuine. It strives to manage everything around it to believe all is OK to support this ambition. Imagine feeling balanced and at ease if you saw the urge to withdraw and socialize as one. So peaceful and wonderful.


Your inner child is creative and free-spirited, yet it wants security. It seems stifling that most people don't grasp this complex yet crucial aspect of you. Find equilibrium for yourself since you're here to show others. Instead of waiting in the bylanes, encourage yourself.


Your inner kid is a wild nature sprite always seeking new things, which might fatigue others but excites you. Your inner kid shines when you connect with nature and create beautiful things.


You are adaptable in your ideal world, and your inner child wants this appreciation. High expectations are fine, but do you appreciate your failures? It might revolutionize your life and make you feel like you're living a dream.

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