Your zodiac sign's lucky charm

Lucky charms and talismans have long been popular. According to ancient tales, people have fortunate charms that assist them prosper.


Due to their determination and energy, Aries keys make good fortunate charms. Your ‘never giving up’ mentality is admirable.


Taureans find luck in 7. Many tribes and countries consider this a fortunate number. This number appears in the rainbow's 7 colors and is considered lucky.


Geminis should choose dices since this fortunate charm is timeless. Social butterflies like Geminis follow trends and like being among others. Thus, always carrying a dice is like following fashion trends.


Cancers should carry a ladybird for luck. Cancerians are kind and enjoy animals. Cancerians should take notice of ladybirds in their yard, on a table, or anyplace else since they bring luck.


Leos believe valuable stones benefited them. This fortunate charm suits Leo. Since they are charming, vivid, and appealing, they adore such jewels and wear them as jewelry to feel more desirable. Amber and Sapphire provide Leos the most luck.


The evil eye deters bad spirits, despite its mythical origins. Virgos often carry this fortunate charm to avoid nasty individuals who are jealous of their skills and wish them ill.


Any triangle-shaped object is lucky for Librans. Triangles symbolize life, death, and our relationship to the cosmos in ancient texts. Libras discover stability and balance in any situation with this charm.


Scorpios trust horseshoes as fortunate charms. The iron horseshoe was thought to ward off evil spirits and legendary animals, making them lucky. Scorpios also enjoy flaunting their horseshoe.


Sagittarians carry a fake rabbit foot as a charm because old mythology says it chases bad spirits away if they enter a perilous and haunted region. Find a fake and make a keychain to carry around.


Capricorns cherish their four-leaf clovers because they have always been lucky in trying situations. Capricorns adore nature and like to keep four-leaf clovers around for optimism and success.


Crickets are very lucky for Aquarians. These insects have long symbolized harmony and made the perfect companion for loners. Keeping or seeing a cricket-carved talisman means good things are coming, especially for Aquarians.


The dreamcatcher offers Pisceans luck and pleasure. Hanging a dreamcatcher by your bed is meant to bring you serenity and avoid nightmares.