You Can't Ignore Heart Failure Early Signs

Everyone gets breathless occasionally. If it happens without exercise or during hectic days, it may be an indication of heart failure.





“Heart failure doesn't mean the heart just stops, but that it's not working right and you're not breathing right,” explains Hackensack University Medical Center heart failure and transplant cardiology specialist Robert Berkowitz, M.D.





When you are not engaging in vigorous activity or exercising, you may have shortness of breath.





Heart failure causes fluid below the chest to strain on the lungs, which can cause difficulty breathing when lying down.





a swelling that cannot be explained, particularly in the legs and feet (because to the fact that the heart does not have the strength to convey blood throughout the body in an effective manner).





Lack of energy or exhaustion "In some cases, chest pain and palpitations may also be present with early heart failure," says Dr. Berkowitz





 who established Hackensack's Heart Failure Program in the year 2000. He also notes that the symptoms of early heart failure vary depending on whether or not the heart is too weak or too stiff. Either of these conditions can lead to heart failure.






The Verification of the Diagnosis Many people are astonished to realize that young individuals are not immune to the condition of heart failure, despite the fact that older age, persistent high blood pressure, a previous heart attack, or a family history of heart disease all put you at a larger risk of getting heart failure.

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