Which Manicure Fits Your Zodiac Sign

Astrological sign-inspired nail art elevates your manicure. A well-polished and colored manicure may show off the personality and features of each of the 12 zodiac signs.


Aries, the first sign, demands a striking manicure. Fire and warrior Mars rule this sign, thus it's red. OPI's Red Nail Lacquer Collection has bold colors including Big Apple Red and Chanel's Rouge Puissant.


Taurus loves beauty and can wear pastel hues like no other sign. Venus rules love and abundance. Soft pink, blues, greens, and yellow reflect the earthy sign's opulent lifestyle. Consider Smith & Cult's Exit the Void or Essie's pastel green Chillato.


A flirtatious Gemini requires a nail color that matches their personality. Choose a bright yellow like Nail's Inc.'s Living Your Best Life to match the sign. China Glaze's Gold Mine Your Business sparkles.


Charming, intuitive Cancer, ruled by the moon and water, needs a polish that reflects its splendor. Silver symbolizes the moon, so Sephora Collection's Engagement Ring or Pacifica's Valhalla are excellent for the somber crab.


Leos are natural attention-seekers. Solar-ruled wild cats expect to shine at every opportunity, and a neon nail will make them feel like the King of the Jungle. Try Côte's No. 115 green or Nails Inc.'s Naked in Neon set.


The practical and meticulous Virgo demands structure and detail from everyone. Earthy polishes like Mented's Yes We Tan and Dior's taupe Palais Royal suit the hardworking sign.


Libra may break hearts since Venus rules love and beauty. But their romance and indecision are equally famous. Nail colors aren't limited, thankfully. Explore a palette with a trendy French manicure. Olive & June's Summer Set has seven lovely colors to try alone or together.


The tarot Death card represents stinging, secretive Scorpios, the zodiac sign of transition. Black nails or witchy oxblood suits these powerful Water signs. For secretive Scorpios, choose Butter London's Union Jack Black Patent Shine or Chanel's Le Vernis in Interdit.


Sagittarius must be autonomous to explore. A red manicure suits Sagittarians, who love travel and adventure and are great leaders. Dive into Rouge 999, Dior's signature red, for the ultimate flaming tone.


Capricorns are one of the most trustworthy signs, and while they may be cautious and prudent, they are never dull. An elegant brown like Essie's Truth or Bare or Static Nails' Mocha will warm up your tips.


Aquarians, the zodiac's revolutionaries and inventors, enjoy to talk to others and think about ways to improve the world, yet they still prefer to be distinctive. This Air sign should be unique and wear Jinsoon's Charme in brilliant chartreuse.


Pisces are creative and intuitive, so they'll adore an iridescent manicure that sparkles like the sun on the enormous ocean they love. Apply OPI's Nauty or Ice for the ideal sparkle.