When it comes to texting their ex, the celestial signs ask, "Do you win or wallow?"

Zodiac signs email their ex differently, but we all want to dip into our ex's DMs one final time. Are you often making sly reasons to text them or showing them how great your life is without them? Zodiac signs text their ex:


Once the job is done, your first concern is to get away from the debris, just like a flame that burns brightly but eventually dies out for this zodiac sign. For the sole purpose of reclaiming his share of the Sunburn tickets, you would jeopardize returning to the past.


For this earth sign, breaking up is an art form; you have a five-step procedure and hate being hurried through it. When you're in the denial phase, it's okay to text your ex while inebriated, but instead of beating yourself up the following day, you're compassionate enough to forgive yourself.


Breakups are something you deal with on an as-and-off basis due to the duality of your nature. No middle ground here; either you're bombarding him with images from your first date or you're meticulously erasing his face from your Snapchat memories.


Deep reserves of compassion aren't known for being easy to let go of, and still waters run deep. Imagine being the ex-girlfriend who texts the other person after a split to do things like pick up their laundry, remind their parents that she needs to have her teeth checked, and remind her that today is the anniversary of their breakup.


If the breakup wasn't their decision, they could go on a PR binge about how amazing their life is and how they unintentionally tagged you in their skydiving trip. Hell hath no fury like a Leo scorned.


Everything in this earth sign's beautifully organized life has a place in their mental castle, and the breakup was no exception. They may appear indifferent on the outside, but below that cold "hope you're well," there is a person who is painstakingly trying to figure out where they went wrong.


Libras place a premium on harmony in their lives, and they will respond cautiously and indirectly to anything that threatens to disrupt this equilibrium. A texting relationship centered on exchanging Friends memes will have to do for now as you're not eager to initiate contact but also don't want them to think they can't reach out to you because you could reject them.


This fire sign may be too proud to display their wounds after a breakup, but they have a huge masochistic streak. You may tell your pals you're alright and not self-destructively stalking, but you're trying to create a simple opening for your long text about why you accidently followed his new girlfriend at 3am.


Everyone struggles with breakups, but this catch-flights-not-feelings sign makes it harder to tell. Sagittarians tend to make new memories after a split until they can send their former a sincere "hope you're well" text.


Saturn may be difficult for this cardinal sign that prioritizes success. They will try everything to fix a breakup, even 4am “what do you think went wrong?” ruminations.


This progressive symbol prioritizes reasoning over emotions and looks forward rather than backward. If they text that they want to remain friends after the split, they'll scrutinize your ill-informed Tinder right-swipes to prove it.


A sign that loves love will have disastrous results. After the breakup, expect recriminations from this sign about how much they did for you and angry texts from their pals about what you're losing out on.

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