What to Wear in the Fall of 2024 Depending upon the Zodiac Sign you belong to

As the weather cools and fashion embraces warm colors and textures, we all like changing our wardrobes. If you want a seasonal refresh that goes beyond runway autumn trends and fits your personality, try zodiac-inspired design, where celestial direction meets sartorial inspiration. 


As the first sign of the zodiac and a fire sign, Aries prefer to shine. So it seems natural that they'll adore wearing red-on-red-on-red throughout fall. Even more aptly, red will be a season favorite.


Taurus, a spring bull, will keep to flowery prints all fall. In velvets, silks, satins, and wools, they'll provide a subtle autumnal touch without looking out of place.


Gemini: Feeling like a real-life Gossip Girl. The original school uniforms served as inspiration for this intelligent and academic sign, but it will be a more stylish and contemporary twist on the classic look.


No matter where their days take them, Cancers may always find solace in a cozy scarf or thick jacket. In addition, when Cancers venture out in the coming months, they will be able to stay toasty in their own cocoon.


Glare at me Leos are so charming because they prefer to be the center of attention. Dresses reminiscent of the 1980s—whether with shoulder pads, glitter, or a fantastic print—will be sure to turn heads this autumn.


Structured garments that draw attention to specific body regions are Virgo's favorite. Virgo has her wish granted with the comeback of the divisive peplum style. See also: When did peplums become all the rage?


When it comes to clothing, Libras go toward the more romantic side. On the other hand, it will be trendy, relevant to the season, and slightly unconventional. (Take a cue from your Taurus pals): black velvet, dark flowers, and lace.


When it comes to expressing their individuality and sexuality, Scorpios are notoriously fiery. Accessorizing with all leather will take their autumn style to the next level and allow them to show off their fiery side.


Someone born under the adventurous sign of Sagittarius isn't hesitant to rock a daring look. Their sense of style is more important than following strict matching protocols, therefore they're not afraid to mix and match prints and patterns.


The sea-goat, as the zodiac's chief executive officer, will always dress for success, whether they're out socializing or meeting with clients. Rest assured, their versatility allows them to breathe new life into even the most stale three-piece suit.


Since Aquarius is a sign that is renowned to be creative and tech-savvy, it stands to reason that they will adore the industrial-chic style. The thought of accessorizing with silver boots or a metallic handbag is fantastic for achieving this style.


You might not have asked a Pisces, but mesh isn't necessarily summery. As the zodiac's sea witches, they'll want to channel their inner Mermaidcore goddesses this fall with a garment made of transparent silk.

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