Unexpected benefits of zodiac signs' weaker features part 2

Libra known for fence-sitting? The treasure box may help you establish bridges where others see none. Your non-committal personality lets you see things objectively; you only need to share your learnings to show people your percipience.





Scorpio, you know you're the best at memory games. Elephant memories can be annoying since you recall information no one else does. Rest your sting, be present. Choose to recall your learnings and simply accumulate positive experiences using your supercomputer-like memory.






Sagittarius, you may often struggle for air since you've taken on too much. This is motivating, but daily reminders of your long-term goals may help you pick what makes you happy and use your energy more wisely. Rome wasn't constructed overnight.


Capricorn, you're a workaholic. Trying and improving might make you feel good, but too bad. Life is a party, so enjoy it and kick off your heels sometimes. This tiny alteration in your life changes the quality of your connections.


Aloof Aquarius! I said what I said. This skill helps you control your emotions before erupting like a volcano.


Don't let people tell you you don't feel enough—your ability to weigh your feelings against the larger picture makes you distinctive.


Pisceans are the Eskimo you can sell ice to. Being an innocent daydreamer may be difficult in today's environment, but it may help you see the best in everyone.


Remember just not to become a martyr in your life. Be open to red signals while encouraging others to put on rose-colored glasses.

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