Trump's "war on democracy" gaffe draws criticism.

According to the phrase, Donald Trump spoke the silent part out loud during a significant time of the campaign event in Iowa on Saturday.

 He said, "We've been waging an all-out war on American democracy," and the internet is having a field day with it. This speech was made during a characteristic pumped up address that was presented in Iowa.

The error occurred while he was, as is his customary practice, ranting against the outcomes of the 2020 election, singing his own praises as "an outsider" who was elected to "stand up to those liars, looters, losers, and crooks

" and criticizing Democrats for not putting America first, which he believes he did for the four years that he was in office.

By saying, "That's why it was one of the great presidencies, they say," he is referring to his own presidency. "I have to confess that even his adversaries occasionally acknowledge that he handled himself quite nicely. "Take it back," they yell out in terror. In the words of his people, "Take it back.

Since that day, our adversaries, a large number of adversaries, but we have been engaged in a full-scale fight against the democratic system in the United States.

Following his statement, the internet was swamped with memes that echoed various delivery of the idea "he really said that.

One of these memes, which was posted by @LocolopezNYC, had a picture of Trump putting explosives at the foot of a statue that had the word "Democracy" written on it.