To lose weight during the winter, increase your intake of this vitamin.

Although losing weight is never easy, the winter months make it nearly impossible. In the winter, when sunshine is scarce, people tend to put on a few extra pounds because their mood and health take a hit. In winter, you have to work harder since you're sailing against the tide. 

In order to lose weight, people should make more of an effort to slim down and stay away from gaining weight throughout the winter. There is, however, a vitamin that can greatly facilitate your weight loss efforts throughout the winter. All you have to do is up your vitamin A consumption.

Another name for vitamin A is retinol, and it is a fat-soluble vitamin. Animals and plants both contribute to the production of this vitamin. Unsaturated fat-soluble retinoids are the most well-known kind of animal-derived retinol in the cosmetics market. The second one is known as carotenoids or provitamin A.

Vitamin A increases browning, a fat-burning mechanism, according to Molecular Metabolism. Browning is white fat to brown fat conversion. 10% of body fat is brown fat, which burns calories and generates energy.

Another Nature research found that this fat helps cure obesity and type 2 diabetes. The findings showed that brown fat may filter and eliminate BCAAs from the blood. Overexposure to these amino acids can cause diabetes and obesity.

The results of the mouse lab study showed that when exposed to cold temperatures, vitamin A is redirected from the liver to adipose tissue. More browning and an increase in fat burning are the results.

If you want to lose weight in winter, eat more vitamin A-rich foods. Vitamin A comes from supplements and nature. Utilize natural sources of this vitamin. Vitamin A is found in liver, salmon, fortified cereals, carrots, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and dairy.

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