This is the most prevalent intimacy dilemma that a particular zodiac sign faces

Many find intimacy difficult. It's hard to feel vulnerable among loved ones, let alone a new partner. Some zodiac signs dread losing their independence, while others seek connection and may appear needy. Learn about each zodiac sign's intimacy difficulty to better cope with them.


They insist on doing things their way. They worry about losing relational sovereignty. Aries are reluctant about telling others how much they need them since they can handle it themselves. Not demanding too much too quickly is sometimes necessary.


They choose a partner slowly and oppose change once they're in. Taurus fears leaving their comfort zone, which prevents connection. Before love may grow, they must accept change as good.


Gemini fears boredom or confinement to stay on the surface. Never giving enough, they never feel committed. Geminis move about a lot, so they never form deep bonds.


They dread showing their vulnerability. Cancer's feelings are so near to the surface they reveal them too much. Once they reveal their feelings, their loved one controls them. Cancerians are more comfortable giving than receiving love, therefore being prepared to cry or break apart is helpful for them.


Leo struggles to give up control. They want to be with the boss and avoid others. Others let Leo run the show because they look too capable. Leo must realize that closeness requires power sharing. Leo must be patient since his rage might turn people off.


Virgo's interpersonal troubles stem from unworthiness. They worry that revealing their flaws may alienate others. Nobody holds Virgo to their impossible standards. Instead of fretting and carrying, people rather you play.


Libra strives for beauty and harmony. Thus, they ignore relationship concerns. They fester and remove themselves from their lover. Being yourself and not pretending things are perfect is intimacy. Libra must realize that exploring their feelings may be scary, but it's essential to intimacy.


Scorpions may make people feel threatened, preventing connection. Scorpios like profound emotional exploration and problem-solving. Their passion and raw honesty may be overwhelming.


They zealously defend their freedom and flee when approached. Their largest barrier to intimacy is seeing commitment as a trap and dull. Sagittarius wants a companion who will offer them a lengthy leash in exchange for dedication.


They prefer to appear strong. Capricorn avoids emotions and vulnerability. When they need aid, Capricorns won't depend on them. They must realize that compassion is two-way after they break the illusion of invulnerability.


Their self-contained, frigid nature makes it hard for them to express themselves. Aquarius fears losing freedom if they open up. But to avoid loneliness, people must open themselves and explore the heart.


Without self-knowledge, Pisceans struggle with intimacy. They're good at pleasing everyone, but they don't know what they want. They need time alone to gain strength and real closeness.

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