The zodiac signs that exhibit the most flirtatious behavior, arranged in order from the most skilled to the least skilled.

Singles find dating challenging, yet flirty zodiac signs may easily attract their crush. Despite appearances, your cosmic makeup may impact your ability to initiate a conversation with a stranger at the bar or whether you need Dutch fortitude to avoid verbally vomiting on that important someone again. To assess your love abilities, check out the flirtiest zodiac signs in decreasing order:


Given that Mars is the planet of activity and vitality, it's not surprising that an Aries is someone who takes issues of the heart very seriously. They may come seem as reckless to others, but the reality is that they aren't hesitant to express their desires directly.


Although the zodiac bull is generous with their time and attention, they are not signs of action, so you may have already left the pub by the time they mentally rehearsed that flawless maneuver.


A Gemini, known as the social butterfly of the zodiac, is never short of conversation. You won't have to exert much effort to maintain conversation going with them because of their amiability and sociability; they will always find something positive to say about you.


Cancer is a very romantic and compassionate sign; nevertheless, they tend to take a bit too long to drop hints and test the waters, even if they know how to turn on the charm when they're interested in someone.


Who needs pick-up lines anyway? No subtlety here; a Leo's desire in you will be plainly displayed, even if it means ending every communication with a winking emoji.


A Virgo, being an intellectual sign that is driven by reasoning, would often try to make sense of their feelings before acting on them. They could initiate a friendship to gauge interest before expressing their true thoughts, so don't be shocked if they do.


Flirting is natural and effortless for Libras, who are ruled by Venus. However, Libras may be more discreet about their feelings for others; for example, they can spend an additional hour getting dressed in the morning in case they see you in the elevator, rather than coming right out and saying it.


A Scorpio's flirtation is like a ballet: intricately planned steps that provide just enough information to pique your interest and make you want to lean in for more. The situation becomes critical when they begin to relax their grip on you.


Jupiter, the planet of expansion, rules over Sagittarius, so when you catch their eye, you can anticipate playful emojis and inadvertent physical contact, but they aren't afraid to step out of their comfort zone and initiate contact.


Capricorns aren't hopeless romantics; in fact, they're so good at controlling their emotions that they could pass on a chance encounter because they made unintentional eye contact but didn't exhibit any interest.


The problem isn't that Aquarius doesn't care; it's that they want to know whether you care about them. Be patient with them because they aren't exactly lightning fast when it comes to romance and are quickly sidetracked by other thoughts.


Although Pisces is a sign that adores love, it hasn't always returned the sentiment. Before they have the nerve to approach you, Pisces will observe your every move with a loving eye and make copious notes on your body language.

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