The underlying cause behind the fluctuating behavior associated with every zodiac sign towards you


They play hot and cold with you because they enjoy control. They want to constantly have the upper hand and not be vulnerable or connected. They play hot and cold to avoid losing themselves and giving in to their feelings before you.


They play hot and cold since their lifestyles are undoubtedly unstable. They are realistic and won't get serious until they have everything else straightened out. Tauruses come and go because they want to organize their lives before committing to someone. 


They waver with you because they don't know what they want. Geminis fail to commit, so they desire you one day and not the next. They play their game shamelessly and will demonstrate their indecision.


They play hot and cold with you to avoid falling for you and being wounded. They are emotional and willing to offer their world to someone they fall love, thus being with someone and growing connected makes them uneasy. They may act indifferent because they fear rejection and can't be honest with themselves. 


They adore the game and play hot and cold with you! They love keeping you guessing whether they'll text you back or ignore you if they're interested. Being good at the game makes them like it. They're fun, so they employ every trick in the book to drive you crazy.


They play hot and cold to see how you feel about them. Virgos require reassurance before committing, so they will test your desire before disclosing their true feelings. Even chilly ones want to know you desire and accept them.


They play hot and cold with you to avoid commitment. Libras become bored fast and know many people, therefore they don't want to commit because they're merely socializing. Libras only commit when ready.


They play hot and cold with you since they're probably chatting to others. Scorpios are serial daters with many suitors, so they won't commit to one person until they've seen everything and taken their time.


They play hot and cold with you because they have other priorities like a new diving course, sky diving vacation, career, or foreign excursion. They adore their space and freedom and won't let anybody in, even if they like them, so they'll always be elusive and aloof, especially at first.


They waver with you because they may not be over their ex. Capricorns are cautious about love and relationships since they take a long time to warm up to new people.


They play hot and cold with you because they are protective and don't want to appear weak or vulnerable or indicate they need you, so they pull it back when they demonstrate they like you to protect themselves. They always withdraw after becoming close because they don't want you to realize how much they care.


Because they avoid closeness and responsibility, they play hot and cold with you. They want to do things their way and despise outside pressure, thus they may not want to share their life. Always with one foot out the door, they can go if things become worse.

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