The 'Undeniable' Danger of Trump's Accidental Confession

Mehdi Hasan of MSNBC says Donald Trump accidentally disclosed his plans during a campaign event in Iowa this weekend.

Hasan said, "Our very stable genius who brags about being able to read a prompter better than 'Sleepy' Joe Biden even ended up accidentally telling the truth about the threat he poses to American democracy when he misread his prompter," and then presented a tape of the former president.

"We have been engaged in a full-scale assault on American democracy," Trump declared.

“Yes! Yep, that's right! "I agree," Hasan said. He expressed his disappointment that the reality that Trump has been fighting against American democracy, which is evident and cannot be ignored, had not received the attention and concern it deserved.

Hasan will continue to work for MSNBC as an analyst and fill-in presenter despite the cancellation of his show, which was revealed last week.

But for the time being, while his show is still being broadcast, Hasan spent a lengthy section to bringing attention to that "undeniable, avoidable fact

and he called out those individuals who are treating the election that will take place the next year as if it were a typical political event.

He cautioned, “It’s dangerous, denialist madness.” Unfortunately, it stops in one place: American democracy. Don't believe me. Try Donald Trump's.”