The twelve zodiac signs were graded upon their sense of humor, with a focus on the more amusing ones.

Everyone has a sense of humor, but the funniest zodiac signs drop punchlines more effortlessly, making even Wednesday Addams-like deadpans chuckle. Here's how you rate among the funniest zodiac signs, whether you tell deep, nearly fully factual stories at parties or mumble wordplay:


No fart jokes for frat boys. Aries usually get a chuckle by sneaking in a tongue-in-cheek double entendre or using clever wordplay you wish you had thought of first.


Without Leo's inherent showmanship, this earth sign's humor falters. They either make people laugh naturally or strive too hard to make them grin.


Geminis are naturally entertaining due to their duality. In a room full of strangers, they will depart after midnight with the crowd asking for an encore.


This passionate and gloomy sign typically takes life too seriously, yet they use the odd well-intentioned joke to get out of their shell.


Leo makes up for their humorous shortcomings with charm. Slapstick reigns because to their exaggerated body motions, rich fictionalization of real-life occurrences, and humorous acts.


Instead of being in the middle of the room, Virgos lurk in dark corners, making sarcastic remarks to no one or utilizing irony to convey their point.


Being one of the most gregarious zodiac signs helps, but Libra's creativity means they've never had to repeat a punchline.


You should dust up your armor before rolling with a Scorpio. Their punchlines typically hit hard due to their remarkable ability to say what they mean.


Sagittarians are quick of foot and can find humor in almost any circumstance. They can cut through a silent room with a one-liner (or 10) thanks to their filterless nature.


Capricorns enjoy a good joke, but they don't laugh at others. However, their self-deprecating humor lets them laugh at themselves when required.


Some may use their dark humor as a coping method, but Aquariuses are programmed that way. They may seem morbid, but their views are worth considering when you get over the humor.


Pisces are emotional and passionate, yet they sometimes miss the joke by staring into space. But don't take it personally because their extensive storylines imply no one gets their jokes on the first attempt either.

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