The Sunday Aftermath: Love's breakthrough, Tank's injury, and more

Jordan Love's battle was called early. Far too early. This might happen when you must communicate every sports notion. No matter how patient you are, impatience will creep in.

I viewed early-season inaccuracy and inefficiency as signs of a fragile prospect who didn't learn much in three years with Aaron Rodgers.

I didn't realize Love plays a different quarterback. Love acts as if it stopped changing in 1999. This can be beneficial. Love likes to drive the ball down the field, unlike many young prospects who check down, take layups, and prevent errors

He wants to offend. He wants to stop giving his running back and slot options empty targets. His dream is to play quarterback. 

This will cause problems. Love's 2.5 interception % ranks him in the league's lowest third. However, it is refreshing in an age of efficiency at all costs and reminds us that quick passing and the rare highly-choreographed deep shot aren't the only ways to be efficient.

Throwing the ball downfield increases your yards per attempt and team's yards per play.

This is made easy by Christian Watson's ongoing hamstring troubles. It's unlikely Love's growing pains have stopped. The growth is real.

The Packers' 25-year-old who was not extended to start the season has promised to return in 2024. If he keeps using his particular style of play in this current age, it may be longer