The source of your anger, identified by your astrological sign.

Everyone handles stress differently, but you may not realize that your zodiac sign affects what gets you upset and how you react to criticism. Your zodiac sign exhibits anger differently depending on whether it's a fire sign that flares up or a water sign that appears calm:


Your star sign, the forceful ram, suggests that you don't hold back when it comes to expressing how you really feel. Your anger is like a flare: it's easy to light, but be careful not to offend someone because of how direct you like to be.


When a Taurus becomes emotionally distant from you, it's a red flag that you've irritated them. The complete silence treatment may await you until you take the initiative and fess up to your perceived transgressions if you don't notice this.


The talkative Gemini is the social butterfly of the zodiac, and that includes both your anger management strategies and the things that annoy you. You learn to manage and accept your emotions via your unexpected outbursts and emotional meltdowns, which may make your pals cautious around you.


Your favorite method of communication is passive aggression, in contrast to those who deal with their frustrations violently. If you don't deal with your emotions when they arise, they might pile up into a tsunami of feelings over all the microaggressions you've been suppressing.


Leos are known to be somewhat impatient, especially when it comes to hearing other people's ideas about their life or being told what to do. Although you have a tendency to overlook the mistakes made by others, it would benefit you to take ownership of your own behavior as well.


Virgos are perfectionists at heart; they thrive when their lives are well-organized and tidy, and if you tamper with their system, they could permanently blacklist you. But since Virgos aren't great at expressing themselves, you could do something that annoys them and not even realise it for years.


Being someone who avoids conflict suggests that you may be clinging to unresolved issues from your past. Sometimes, in order to go ahead, you have to face the feelings you've been burying so they don't explode in an ugly tantrum.


The wrath of a scorned Scorpio is unprecedented in Hell. You may be able to ignore those who are attempting to embarrass you, but you're not so lenient with those who harm the people you care about.


Sagittarius, a fire sign, may be both a friend and an enemy. Even if they have a fiery temper, it's probable that they'll regret unfriending you on the spur of the moment when they wake up.


In reality, you're just venting your sadness at how the world has let you down, even if your composed demeanor gives the impression that you've moved on. Your even-tempered exterior belies the scars from your past, which only people really close to you are aware of.


You have a knack at avoiding your annoyances for quite some time because you aren't one to give in to your emotions. The icy apathy that accompanies giving in to your emotions is enough to make hell freeze over.


Those on the receiving end of your disputes may anticipate receipts derived from every prior debate, disagreement, and difference of opinion, as you are one of the more emotionally perceptive signs of the zodiac wheel.

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