The signs of the zodiac that are most prone to disappearing after a first date

The zodiac signs most likely to ghost you after the first date think of themselves as Picassos. It helps to know if you've accidentally gotten yourself involved with one of the zodiac signs most likely to ghost you right after you develop a massive crush on them, from leaving you on blue tick to changing their gym membership to avoid seeing you again:


Showing off their partying side, this sign also keeps an exit strategy in case things grow too serious too quickly. Do yourself a favor and don't make any plans for the future.


Being the first earth sign in the zodiac, this reliable sign is led by their gut feelings. If they think the relationship isn't going anywhere, they won't think twice about leaving, but they will remember to bring a comforting gift basket as a token of their appreciation.


You can never tell which of this sign's two sides they'll show you on a date, but one thing's for sure: they'll be following your Instagram stories till the end of time.


The zodiac crab is fighting tooth and claw to keep the mushy, squishy core hidden behind its hard, crusty exterior. They would like to be honest about things not working out from the start so you don't have to go through the pain, disappointment, and never-ending supply of cookie dough.


Like most things with Leo, it begins on a big note. If they vanish before the fantasy dinner's candles burn out, don't take it personally; they may enjoy you, but they love themselves more.


You'd think a Virgo's methodical temperament would make them polite when it comes to stepping back from a developing relationship, but that same meticulousness also allows them to spot all the warning signs before the complementary bread basket is even brought out.


A Libra's compassion has no bounds; they root for the underdog no matter what, even if it's the ugly date across the table. They had previously planned an escape route, but they made sure it was easy for everyone.


Understanding this sign might be challenging, but remember that safeguarding their delicate heart is their top priority. If you mention breaking up with your ex on Valentine's Day even once, they will immediately stop talking.


Guess which side this nomadic sign is leaning towards in the vortex of catch flights not feelings? We're assuming it's the one that says "don't be sad that it ended, just be happy that it happened."


For those born under this sign, everything is plain and white, and they're not much for games. Instead of ignoring you when things don't seem to be moving in the right direction, they'll tell you straight out what's not working.


When the subject matter becomes dull, this sign may execute a disappearing trick that even Houdini couldn't match. Is this your best wager? Hope you've studied up on the theories surrounding Princess Diana's murder before the big day.


This sign isn't programmed to bail out of a poor blind date, despite their reputation for being too sensitive emotionally. The accusation leveled against them is that they believe everything will fall into place perfectly, so they hold on for too long.

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