The Latest Beauty Trend for Fall That Your Zodiac Sign Recommends

Trying a new style may be stressful, especially after a summer of relaxed looks. But fall is the best moment to emulate mother nature, losing outmoded traits for stronger ones that will last all year.


Stardust predicts Aries will shine this season, performing like eternal rockstars. Single-toned cosmetics works well in fall's earthy tones, but this sign will use more bright colors. “Aries like to make a statement with a bright pop of color, so they'll choose a bold shadow to match their personality,” says Stardust.


Barbiecore summer is done, but pink remains. Stardust says Taurus will focus on love and relationships this season since Venus controls it and pink signifies both. “The Bull will feel most beautiful in color.” See Giorgio Armani's fall 2023 catwalk peony-pink blush high on the cheekbone and stroked upward toward the forehead for inspiration.


Gemini likes bold makeup. Inspiration comes from Vivienne Westwood's abstract color-blocking on the eyes and cheeks and Giambattista Valli's foiled mosaics. Stardust says Geminis are persistent and prepared to try again until they succeed. “The sign is getting inventive this fall and starting to express themselves in unique ways.”


Jane Birkin died last summer, but her French girl fringe will inspire anybody. Stardust says, “Cancer is feeling a bit shy, but also learning that, when front and center, they are a force to be reckoned with.” “Bangs can protect their growth and make a statement.”


Stardust: “Leo is not committing to one way of thinking over another. “They’re embracing life’s offerings.” Leo doesn't like repeating styles, but the new grunge, as seen by Valentino and Rodarte's dramatic black liner and graphic eyes, is too cool and elegant for the sun-centric sign.


Airy, detail-oriented, and constantly seeking perfection, Virgo loves cloud skin in October. Matte makeup with a soft-focus finish gives a perfectionist-like filter. Stardust says “Virgos are embracing their obsession with having the best of everything.” "If the sign's skin isn't perfect, they'll work on it."


Libra, the romantic, likes Renaissance-inspired hairstyles like weaved plaits and endless gentle waves. Stardust believes Liberas are pursuing their aspirations and focused on their appearance. “Libra hair rules. They'll take the time to produce these sophisticated styles." See Simone Rocha's fall runway for seasonal inspiration.


Scorpio, the moodiest and most secretive sign, looks well with goth makeup like Sandy Liang's autumn runway's burgundy pouts. Scorpio and terrifying season make the aggressive and edgy water sign ideal for gothic clothes, says Stardust. Despite their suitability, any additional hauntings seem theirs. “They’re thinking about the past and bringing ghosts back to discuss old situations.”


"Sagittarius likes to take makeup risks, and their cheeky personality will take a literal turn this upcoming season," adds Stardust. The astrologist says the Archer will have new experiences with friends and lovers in fall, making a lovely, creamy, well-blended blush ideal.


„Capricorn is trying to discard its archaic sentiments and adopt a more modern style and mindset,” says Stardust. However, a simple manicure will anchor the earth sign as they explore new vistas without sacrificing originality. A shorter nail form with creative art or resonant colors makes a subtler statement.


Aquarius, always looking for distinctive and dramatic statements, could try Gucci's autumn runway trend of a bleached brow, the most extreme of the season. Stardust believes Aquarius is adopting their most modern self to distinguish out. Bleach to succeed: a barely-there brow always draws attention.


Pat McGrath, the queen of studded makeup, created Louis Vuitton's light-catching rows of crystals beneath lash lines and Valentino's subtle black shimmer, which will be an autumn staple. Stardust predicts Pisces will seek clarity via soulfulness and spirituality this year. How better to highlight soul windows than with sparkle?

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