The celestial signs that tend to engage in the most arguments, listed in order of intensity.

Being one of the most argumentative zodiac signs may not seem like a prestigious title, but some signs are quick to defend their actions while others are letting their shower run cold as they script all the one-liners they wish they had used in the moment. A deeper look at the most (successfully) combative zodiac signs can help you choose your battles:


Skateboarding through life, this warrior sign wears their armor always, prepared for combat. Being a fiery sign, they would stop at nothing to defend the people they hold dear.


As far as this earth sign is concerned, they are rock solid and firmly planted. Disputes with people born under this sign may put even the most patient person to the test because of their narrow perspective and explosive outbursts of emotion.


This contradictory sign struggles to find a balance between their two sides of personality, which might lead them to inadvertently take the opposing position twenty minutes into a debate.


Ensuring that nobody's feelings be damaged is more important to this sign than being correct. Because of their strong capacity for empathy, they are able to control their emotions and walk away from a fight, even when they are in the right.


Given that the jungle king is ill-accustomed to having his power challenged, it is not surprising that this symbol feels the need to take preventative measures.


Virgos are often thought of as peaceful signs, yet their obsession with being right and doing things their way may cause problems even with their loved ones.


Libra is a sign that values fairness and balance, so they might not stand up for themselves in the beginning. However, if they see injustice, they will not back down.


They are not the kind to let their guard down lightly, so when someone they trusted betrays them, it takes time for them to forgive. But the prospect of a cold-blooded plan for retribution is more enticing to this water sign than the idea of having the last say in a disagreement.


Arguments involving this sign won't end in broken dishes or eight-page-long apologies because they can express their sentiments well; instead, they will stop because they lost interest halfway through.


Fury and emotional outbursts are useful, but have you ever considered using reasoning as a weapon in a confrontation? The opponent is usually more agitated by a Capricorn's level-headed demeanor while they dismantle your argument than by the argument itself.


Arguing with an Aquarius is like trying to hug a wall—they're above us regular folks and rarely want to come down from their lofty perch to understand things from our point of view.


The fundamental principle that this sign lives by is "make love, not war." And although disagreements may seem to finish quickly, this sign is probably lying awake at night thinking of clever comebacks they should have thought of sooner.

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