The Browns' loss against the LA Rams seems to have nothing to do with Joe Flacco. Part-1

INglewood, Calif. (AP)— In his first NFL game since January, Joe Flacco led the Browns on a lengthy scoring drive, culminating in a 24-yard touchdown throw that sparked a sideline celebration.

The Browns (7-4) seldom lost as well as they did Sunday, 36-19 against the Los Angeles Rams.

Flacco, 38, seemed to leave the Browns convinced that the quarterback position is no longer their main concern as they try to recover from their first losing streak of the season this week.

Cleveland left guard Joel Bitonio said, “I think Joe showed he can still play some football.” I assume playing 15 years doesn't rattle you.

Flacco started his 16th NFL season on Sunday, and despite joining Cleveland's practice squad two weeks earlier and getting this starting assignment Friday, he played well.

While Cleveland tried to come back from a one-point hole, Flacco completed 23 of 44 for 254 yards and two touchdowns with his sole interception midway through the fourth quarter.

After throwing for over 42,000 yards and guiding numerous legendary Baltimore Ravens teams, Flacco spent the previous four seasons with less skilled teams. The veteran appreciated another chance to play significant games with talented teammates.

“You can tell right away that it's one of the more talented teams I've been on in a while,” Flacco said. It's frustrating to go on long road trips and come up empty-handed, but maybe we can have better practices during the week and go on.”