Texans WR Tank Breakout Dell's fibula surgery ends the season.

A day after breaking his leg in Houston's win over Denver, Texans wide receiver Tank Dell had season-ending surgery.

A day after NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported Dell's fibula fracture, head coach DeMeco Ryans informed reporters.

Ryans informed reporters, "He'll be out for the season." "He underwent good surgery this morning. Have a quick recovery. Tank is in our thoughts and prayers.

Our crew is inspired by him. Amazing young dude. Happy for his first season and his effect on our team as a person and player. He should return before the offseason."

Dell, 5-foot-10 and 165 pounds, lined up in the slot on second-and-goal from the 3-yard line. He sprinted over the middle to stop Dameon Pierce at the goal. Dell's left leg was pinned beneath a mass of men as Pierce ran into the end zone on a touchdown run.

After scoring, he lay on the ground and was hauled out minutes later. He was clearly in pain as his Texans teammates gathered him on the field. He was out at halftime after the Texans labeled him as doubtful with an ankle injury.

Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud, the overwhelming candidate for Rookie of the Year, had made Dell his favorite target, so the loss is a setback.

Dell has 47 receptions for 709 yards and seven scores in 10 games entering Sunday. He led the Texans in scrimmage touchdowns and was second in yards to Nico Collins (800). AFC playoff contenders, the Texans began Sunday at 6-5 owing to their prolific passing offense.