Steelers' Pickett will probably miss a few weeks with an ankle injury.

According to a source in the NFL who spoke with ESPN's Adam Schefter, quarterback Kenny Pickett is likely to miss "a couple weeks" after hurting his right ankle in Sunday's defeat to the Arizona Cardinals.

On Thursday, Pickett will likely sit out the game against the Patriots, forcing backup quarterback Mitch Trubisky into the starting lineup.

In his stead, Mitchell Trubisky completed 11 of 17 passes for 117 yards and a score. A fumble was also lost by him.

Pickett suffered a rib injury in Week 8's defeat to the Jacksonville Jaguars, but he returned four days later to play in the team's inaugural Thursday night game against the Tennessee Titans.

Pickett has started every game since assuming the starting role early in his first year. His only absence was in Week 15 of the season due to a concussion. Without Pickett, the Steelers under quarterback Mitchell Trubisky defeated the Panthers 24-16.

A number of Steelers, not only Pickett, suffered major injuries on Sunday. Risk prevention In the second quarter, Minkah Fitzpatrick suffered a broken left hand while playing in her first game in one month. Fitzpatrick didn't miss a snap despite having his hand cast during the first of two long severe weather delays. He said that he plans to play on Thursday.

"I couldn't grab with it," Fitzpatrick remarked. However, I continued to play and was able to avoid missing any plays. I suppose I did it when tackling, but it wasn't until I attempted to punch with it a few plays later that I became really aware of it.

While running toward the end zone on third down near the Steelers' goal line, Pickett hurt himself as he clung to the ball. Jonathan Ledbetter, a defensive lineman for the Cardinals, dived behind Pickett to make the tackle.

Athletic trainers rushed out to help Pickett after he fell to the ground after trying to stand up after being hit by Ledbetter. He hobbled off the field after a while, but he was able to do it mostly on his own.

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