Some of the zodiac's most trustworthy symbols, ordered from best to worst


This fire sign tells the truth—often harshly. Aries are ram-driven and don't back down. If you want someone to tell you that your favorite college jeans still make your legs amazing, you may not be ready for the truth.


This earth sign values stability, even if it means lying to avoid conflict. Taureans are the first to apologize in a dispute, even if they're upset you didn't notice their mutinous silences sooner.


Gemini—represented by the twins—is known for its duplicity. Although they mean well, they're torn between two parties, so don't take it personally if they leave your party early to go to another.


Cancer is passionate and distant, but as you get closer, their shield will break. Keep the FBI task force on speed dial to decipher their monosyllable texts until you arrive.


This fire sign, symbolized by the lion, fears nothing—not even getting caught at the grocery store seconds after sharing a concert selfie. You may ask and receive the truth from them, but if you don't ask, they'll keep you in the dark.


Virgos are straight shooters who don't appreciate half-truths and white lies. Their detail-oriented minds can calibrate the environment around them, and they won't mind telling you the hard truth now to save you problems later.


Libra, the sign of balance, is easily swayed by others, thus their scales may tip in favor of their crush this week. Be prepared for them to seek global input before making a decision.


Scorpio may tell the truth in many ways, so don't judge them for ripping off the bandaid in one searing motion. Since this water sign can smell BS from a mile away, they won't hesitate to tell you what you're reluctant to acknowledge.


You only live once, and free-spirited Sagittarius has no patience for fairytales. They will give you the truth then go for Bali without helping you deal with the repercussions, but at least you got what you asked for.


A realistic Capricorn sees things in black and white since they are earth signs. Unless they're close, they won't get personally concerned in your life's troubles and may say “lol, take care”.


As one of the most cerebral zodiac signs, Aquarius perceives the world clearly. They may not consider your feelings before saying that getting back together with your ex was always a bad choice.


Did a Pisces lie or did they believe their own fairytale? Pisces are dreamers, not doers, whimsical and inventive. They have your back, but they may have missed your cat's burial because they forgot to order an Uber.

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