second version of How to Flirt According to Someone's Zodiac Sign

Librans are perpetual romantics who adore love most. You should make the first move and start a discussion to get them starry-eyed.





Even though a Scorpio is intensely passionate and intense within, they prefer not to reveal their true nature immediately away. Thus, maintain your attention and keep taking your shot.





Perhaps include their favorite sitcoms into casual discussions or leave them with morsels of personal information that will catch them in.






Recall those hilarious pick-up phrases from high school that went viral on your text chain? Dust off those bad boys now, not because you think it will actually impress a Sagittarius.


because they'll most likely remember you in a crowded room and quote you at the next dinner party.


Grand acts of affection seldom move Capricorns, who are notoriously sluggish in love. Find common ground and use it to win their love.


The zodiac's thoughtful thinkers, air signs like educated discourse to humorous banter. If you're not ready for long philosophical conversations, ask them about their idiosyncrasies.


Instead of asking this dreamy sign out, engage their imagination by demonstrating interest in them and the tiniest physical touch, then playing hard-to-get to keep you on their thoughts 24/7.

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