second edition of the zodiac signs' greatest dating ideas

Libras, ruled by romantic Venus, fell in love with love while watching an old-timey romcom, and the idea hasn't changed since. Make it special with a romantic dinner, cheese-tasting night, or window-shopping day, but tell them to wear appropriate shoes.





Scorpios are drawn to mystery like moths to a flame because Pluto, the planet of transformation and rebirth, rules their hearts. Stargaze or take a gorgeous boat trip where the waves and talks are deep to satisfy their desire and excitement.






Jupiter's abundance dictates that you should go big or go home. Wine tasting with the rich or adventurous sports are great date options for this zodiac sign.


If your date night concept considers their sleep pattern, you can confirm a second date. If you're not a surprise person, meet this earth sign on their own terms with a leisurely coffee at their favorite bistro (which you found on Instagram) or watching the sunset with their favorite cocktail.


An Aquarian's innate drive for revolt and deviance from the established quo is evident in the impact of Uranus, so encourage them to avoid the crowds by taking them to a museum or hosting an evening of reflective poetry.


A word of caution: do not take their three-day Instagram account deactivation too seriously.


Neptune is the sign of Pisces, which is known for its dreaminess. Give them an excuse to put on their rose-colored glasses by taking them on a quick road trip to a nearby town


or cuddling up by a campfire on a night with friends. However, perhaps leave the ghost stories for your third date.

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