Sagittarius full moon meanings for your zodiac sign - II

Sometimes you have to level something before you can rebuild it, and the only way to get a fresh start from this full moon is to let rid of what isn't functioning. Having tough talks is never enjoyable, but a new beginning awaits. Libra, soar.





You may feel like a lone wolf, yet you want to belong. Allow this full moon to lead you to a new acquaintance, bond, or belief.






The full moon will spark your creativity if you're feeling uninspired. Change your routine, take a leisurely route, and be open to new experiences. You never know when inspiration may strike!


Even when you've been working hard, there are moments when it's beneficial to stop and assess your direction. It's a good idea to restock your supplies during the full moon.


Thus, take use of this chance to outline some long-term objectives for your desired future self. Put the outer voices to rest and have faith in your heart; it already knows the path.


Why not try releasing some of the weight that you have been carrying about with you? You have been carrying more than you should. This might entail reexamining previous boundaries, setting new ones, and, when necessary, developing the ability to say no.


While fresh starts are appropriate during full moons, this particular one should be totally and selflessly devoted to you. Whether it's taking up a former pastime


Whether you're going solo or rekindling an old interest, now is the moment to put yourself first. Pisces, channel that energy of the main character.

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