Russell Wilson's season-high 3 interceptions stop Broncos' victory streak.

Houston (AP)— In their five-game winning streak, the Broncos forced 15 turnovers and Russell Wilson hadn't thrown an interception.

The Broncos (6-6) lost 22-17 to the Houston Texans on Sunday after Wilson was picked off a season-high three times in the second half.

Houston won after Jimmie Ward intercepted Wilson in the end zone with 9 seconds left, jumping in front of Lucas Krull to the left.

Krull regretted not trying harder to catch the ball. “I feel like I stayed back a little too much,” he remarked. I wish I had attacked the ball more and made a play. Very frustrating. I know my style and can make such plays.”

In Denver's first loss since Oct. 12, Wilson passed for 186 yards and a score. Broncos converted three fourth-down attempts but failed on third. Sean Payton: “We were sloppy for most of the game. Our third-down struggles were obvious. We've played well with takeaways and giveaways, but that script changed today.”

At 22-17 in the fourth quarter, Derek Stingley Jr. intercepted a Courtland Sutton ball for his second interception of the half as the Broncos drove.

Stingley intercepted Wilson on a Will Anderson-deflected pass in the third quarter. That gave Texans a touchdown.

“First was tipped. They played well, Wilson remarked. Second, fired down field to Court. I honestly believed we had him. His play was great. Honestly, I don't know how he made that play. My final attempt was to win the game for us.