Riskiest zodiac fans

Some of the riskiest zodiac lovers are doers and others thinkers. While most lovelorn people shred they-love-me-they-love-not rose petals,




These zodiac signs live fast and give their all. A thorough list of the riskiest zodiac lovers who will do everything for true love.





You win some and you lose some in love, and this idealistic, hopeful sign never gives up on gaining someone's heart.


All's fair in love and war, this nurturing sign says to oneself at night before traveling cross-country to see someone they connected with minutes ago on a dating app.


Aries would have won many gold medals in an Olympic event on jumping in with your eyes closed. Not one to dither, this fiery sign would sooner know someone's heart than wonder.


If they like you, this nomadic sign will DM you. Fair enough, but it's simple to risk everything without having to deal with the consequences.


It's clear when a Cap loves someone. Instead of playing hard-to-get, they will blast up your DMs, send you memes, and let you know they care.


The bare minimum and the popular route? Not Scorpio's watch. However, sending scouts ahead and digging around to find out what's in someone's heart before making the first move doesn't harm, right?

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