Ranking Zodiac Signs Who Can't Accept the Truth vs. Those Who Tell It.

Although individuals of your zodiac sign may possess the ability to tackle difficult situations and accept harsh realities, there may arise circumstances in which you are unable to cope with complete candor.


Anger and bravado are Aries' strong suits. He would prefer not to let you guess whether he is being honest or trying to avoid the truth by just saying that he doesn't hold back. With Aries, there's definitely no room for guesswork.


As one of the zodiac's most skilled deceivers, Taurus is unable to deal with the truth. In addition to fooling others into thinking he knows more than he does, he has mastered the art of deceiving himself into thinking anything other than the truth.


Among the zodiac signs, Gemini is the most prone to believing half-truths and bogus news. His gullibility is such that he believes a hundred things simultaneously, some of which may not even be coherent when put into perspective.


Cancer is one of the more dubious zodiac signs, thus he has a natural tendency to doubt things and people. Whatever you say, whether true or not, will likely go unbelieved if he doesn't trust you completely.


Though Leo has a tendency to be overly sentimental, it doesn't imply he can't be forthright when necessary. He hopes that others would treat him with the same respect that he thinks others will show him by telling them the truth.


Because it debunks all of Virgo's protecting layers of falsehoods and half-truths, the truth is too much for him to take. Virgo, on the other hand, is a believer in limited facts, and when you give him the reality, it breaks his illusions.


Because he is a Libra who is always trying to make everyone happy, including himself, telling the truth puts him off his game. Instead of facing the reality head-on, he prefers to keep lying to the people he loves about, including himself. Totally motivated by love. 


Even though he wants everyone to like him, Scorpio aspires to be the type of guy that speaks his mind. Given the limited number of people in his inner circle, he will seize every opportunity to demonstrate his kind spirit and excellent friendship.


Sagittarius is adept at both receiving and giving the truth. Although his brand of honesty may be more harsh than others, Sagittarius always aspires to be as honest as he expects others to be because he thinks honesty is a crucial quality.


A lot of people get the wrong idea about Capricorn; he's actually rather nice and compassionate. This sign's heart is full of love, but he can't bring himself to face the reality about these people.


Believe it or not, Aquarius's reputation for being emotionally distant and level-headed can really serve him well when he has to be forthright with others. He should not let himself get swept away by his feelings but instead focus on the evidence.


The truth is too harsh for Pisces to face since it would mean removing his rose-colored spectacles, which shield him from the harsh reality. As a dreamer, he finds solace in escaping into his own mental realm, where he can ignore the realities around him.

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