Popular Cat Breeds Around the World: part 2

Floral Separator
Floral Separator

Scottish Fold: – Recognized for its folded ears that give it an owl-like appearance.

Birman Cat: – Known for their silky semi-longhair coat and striking blue eyes.

Russian Blue: – Has a short, dense coat of bluish-gray fur and striking green eyes.

British Shorthair: – Known for their round face, dense coat, and large, round eyes.

Siberian Cat: – A semi-longhair breed known for its large size, thick triple coat, and tufted ears.

Balinese Cat: – Similar to the Siamese but with a longer coat and plumed tail.

Norwegian Forest Cat: – Has a thick, water-resistant coat and tufted ears, adapted to a cold climate.

Egyptian Mau: – Recognized for its spotted coat and distinctive "M" shape on the forehead.

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