Part 2: Zodiac signs' best relationship traits

Libra is a traditionalist who loves lavishing their partner. After a hard day, expect lengthy, leisurely walks on the path and a late-night ice cream routine to forget all your problems.





Pluto, the change symbol, rules this fire sign, which seeks growth together. You may need time to get this cautious sign to open up, but they will be your staunchest supporter.






When you are dating this restless sign, no two days will ever be the identical. The zodiac sphere's nomads


Not only can this fiery sign take you to new areas, but it may also help you discover more recent aspects of yourself.


Although this earth sign may take some time to commit, once they do, you can plan to be with for the long run. You won't ever have to worry about where they stand because they value a stable connection and typically say what's on their minds.


Dating an Aquarius is, to put it mildly, an educational experience, since they are ruled by Uranus, the planet of transition. With their insightful inquiries and positive view on life


They'll let you view things—and maybe even yourself—from a whole different angle by opening your eyes.


For those who are dreamers, dating a Pisces will bring much-needed whimsy into your life. Their creative viewpoint on existence and inquisitive nature can assist you in discovering important methods to rekindle your inner kid.

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