Part 2 of The Most Toxic Traits of Each Zodiac Sign

Libras are extreme non-confrontationals like Cancers. So much so that avoidance is poisonous.


You give a lot for peace, yet you overestimate the chance of a war. Avoiding people means assuming the worst of them, which is unfair to them and you. Debate and discussion are inherent in partnerships; introduce them sometimes!

Peace Requires Your Sacrifice  


As expected, your intransigence is poisonous, Taurus. You can't adjust to new surroundings.

Hard To Make New Friends  

Your introversion makes it hard to meet new acquaintances. New friendships seem less appealing than the chance of heartbreak. You still want connection and intimacy. You're the only obstacle standing in your path, as you know.


Like Gemini, Sagittarius must move constantly. Gemini's destructive characteristic is within, but Sagittarius' is their need for independence.

Enjoy Alone Time

Learning to appreciate being alone and being able to support yourself are excellent, but isolating yourself to protect your precious spontaneity is depriving you of companions to go on these experiences with. Look at what you're leaving behind to be as free as the wind and see if you can bring anything else.


Capricorns, however, take their passions too seriously. You may take a rest, Caps. Your dedication is admirable, but it's destroying your life.

Learn To Accept Help  

You overwork yourself on things you like until you detest them and refuse help. Leaning on friends and finding the right work-life balance will improve your mental health.


Aquarius, the zodiac's distinctive eye, judges beauty and character well. Aquarius, you sometimes waste your skill by not sharing it. You overindulge in alone time, making it all you want.

Main Character  

The primary character doesn't require all eyes on them, but they must seem central to the story. This makes you feel like you're performing every minor adjustment and update in your life. This may become poisonous if you purposefully steal attention from others to focus on yourself. Being the main character is good for your own life, but for others'? That goes too far.


Oh, Pisces. Pisces always see the good in everything, not wanting negativity to bring them down, which causes complications. First, optimistic thinking might border on delusional. Be realistic for a change.

Deal With Hard Emotions  

Being human requires dealing with negative emotions. Second, you may be a bit naïve. Hopefully, others in your life won't use your naïvety, but it's worth being vigilant. To utilize your good nature like that would hurt your positivity.

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