Part 2: How zodiac signs exhibit love in relationships

Librans are perpetual romantics who adore love most. You should make the first move and start a discussion to get them starry-eyed.





Scorpios burn brightly in love. However, they may express their love through physical closeness and tenderness because they aren't good at talking.






A free-spirited Sagittarian is hard to pin down, yet every day is an adventure with them. Though they're not good at displaying it, a last-minute vacation to Bali might be their way of showing love.


This responsible and grounded sign lets visitors in slowly, but they let their actions speak for themselves. Capricorns don't regard empty gestures or flattery; they work to create your future.


Because of their strong independence and rebelliousness without a reason, Aquarians are unpredictable and cautious of getting tied down in a relationship.


But if you give them some time and room, you'll notice that they get closer to you on a daily basis. They'll soon be attending to all of your needs without you having to say anything.


It should come as no surprise to those who identify as hopeless romantics that Pisces prioritizes others in relationships over themselves, perhaps due to a history of heartbreak.


The once-burned-twice-shy approach to love may prevent you from seeing ostentatious social media displays of adoration. Instead, once they discover "the one," their love burns hot, slow, and constant.

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