Part 1: How zodiac signs exhibit love in relationships

Everyone agrees that there are differences in how each sign expresses love. While some value encouraging words and precious time, others take great pleasure in lavishing their loved ones with gifts and extravagant shows of devotion.





What your zodiac sign says about how you prefer to show affection in a committed relationship will help you decide which end of the range you lean toward:






You're more comfortable saying what's on your mind than making overt displays of affection. You have no qualms with exposing your deepest emotions since you lack a filter, even if it takes taking the initiative.


A Taurean is steadfast and devoted, and they never second-guess who they want to be with. They like spoiling their lover, and not only with tangible things; it may also mean spending quality time with them and giving them their whole attention.


Gemini, the gregarious butterfly of the zodiac, may have trouble choosing the right person, but once they decide, they can't go back. If you are dating one, be prepared for unexpected mid-afternoon shocks at work and last-minute preparations for a date night to avoid boredom.


A Cancerian is very perceptive and sensitive in equal measure. For them, love entails meaningful talks and getting to know their spouse on a deeper level. It's not surprising if they pull out all of your old records on the initial meet-the-parents meal.


Leos are born leaders, so making big gestures comes naturally to them. They prefer to flaunt their affection for everyone to see. Don't be scared to rely on them and offer them an opportunity to be of assistance; although they enjoy giving and getting things, they also feel most wanted when they can assist someone.


Virgos are perfectionists who notice every detail, including your likes and dislikes. Their love language is little acts of kindness, like organizing your inbox or taking off your shoes before bed. It will take centuries to repay their kindness due of their independence.

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