Overcoming this particular zodiac sign will prove to be exceptionally challenging for you.

You may not be intended to be together for numerous reasons. You may miss them again if you remember their smile, quirks, or name-calling. People can't shake their zodiac sign, even if they don't date anymore. Understanding your sign's hardest zodiac sign may help you understand why certain people are so hard to stop.


The zodiac opposites Aries and Libra are quickly drawn. Connection will make it hard to separate these two. Libra and Aries will get along. Aries hates Mars, Libra loves Venus. "This makes for hot chemistry but also potential blowups," adds Monahan. “If this pairing fails, Aries may want a full-on relationship.”


The inconjunct or quincunx is five signs apart, according to Monahan. She predicts friction from planets in unrelated signs. "However, this mystery can bring intense and overwhelming intrigue with the other." Attraction will deceive them. Date to discover why they're together despite conflicts. If this love falls, Taurus mourns.


These two zodiac's biggest social butterflies will love being out. Libra's charm and Gemini's wit make them enjoyable. The Geminis excel with mental attraction. Libras have “eloquent and deliberative powers” says Monahan. Their breakup may be devastating, she says. „No sign attracts them like this.”


Cancer triggers emotions. Pisces—another water sign—is disregarded. Relationship-focused Cancer and Pisces crave deep emotional inquiry, says Monahan. Cancer may look like ‘the one who got away’ if this pairing fails since it leaves a serious void in their lives. Missing Pisces' unconditional love.


Fixed Leos break up slower than the other two fire signs. Aquarius, the lion's "cosmic counterpart" or opposing sign, is difficult to overcome. Dating your opposite sign teaches you most, says Monahan. Aquarius will teach self-centered Sun-ruled Leos to respect friendship, community, and social concerns. 


They can spend hours discussing current events and new information. Unreliable Aquarius may terrify earth signs. Aquarius also has remote ties. For Monahan, "What seems like a deep understanding and connection between the two may be gone in an instant." A cool Aquarius may tire Virgo.


Libra has the flexibility to socialize and go out, which might make Taurus envious and possessive. Libras hope relationships work but are willing to end them if they don't. Libra may struggle to move on from Taurus, especially when they recall their movie-like romance.


Scorpio-Aries romance is the most intense. Monahan says fired Mars controls them, making them explosive. Two-way conflicts grow. “They will fight to keep the love and relationship alive,” says Monahan. If their fireworks stop, Scorpios will wonder what occurred. Scorpios seldom discover such intensity.


Their autonomy and respect for one other are unwavering. Ram never binds Sagittarius, which they love. The Sagittarius seldom misses ex-partners. Move quickly. Unusual Aries. Sometimes having a taste of their own medicine may be powerful, says Monahan. This is a Sag "one that got away" indication.


Capricorn is serious and Libra is vivacious, making them an interesting pairing. Libra offers Capricorn love, joy, and balance. Saturn-ruled Capricorn may be grumpy, says Monahan. Gentle Libra may coax Saturn out of rougher conduct. Rare emotional occasions may make Capricorn miss this dynamic.”


Super-confusing Aquarians. One minute in sync, the next out of sync, confusing them. Monahan claims objective analysis. "This implies appropriate bounds and moving on fast, yet it might look cold and heartless. They're used to giving but not receiving.” After the relationship ends, Aquarius will question this dynamic.


Pisces is emotional, Virgo steady. Pisces are hopeless romantics who desire union, while Virgos serve. The love will be deep. Pisces may overwhelm Virgo, straining the relationship. Virgo's criticism hurts Pisces. Pisces may doubt their ex after breaking up, says Monahan. Pisces miss Virgo's conformity.

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