NFL winners and losers: Texans' DeMeco Ryans hiring impacted everything

Lovie Smith, a terrible hire, was fired after one season. This was their second one-and-done head coach after David Culley, another poor selection. You can't blame Texans for terrible hires. No applicant with alternative possibilities wants to go there.

The Texans were terrible. The Deshaun Watson fiasco. The terrible DeAndre Hopkins trade. Horrible draft selections. The complete Jack Easterby tale that mocked Texans. All loses. Texans were NFL's weakest team.

From his linebacker days, DeMeco Ryans admired Houston. The emotion was shared. After successful years as San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator, Ryans was a prominent contender and a beloved Texans player.

Ryans may not have considered the Texans if he had been chosen years earlier. Why would he? His future was brighter than the Texans'.

Dallas Cowboys: On Sunday, the Cowboys faced the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East and may have discovered Philly's weaknesses.

After losing 42-19 to the 49ers, the Eagles seem more vulnerable next week against the Cowboys in Dallas. The 49ers defeated the Eagles despite being outgained 124 yards to -6 in the first quarter.

Healthy 49ers seem like the best team in football. Brock Purdy had 314 yards and four touchdowns, all 49ers skill-position players made significant plays, and the defense contained Jalen Hurts and the Eagles' attack.

Part of it is the Eagles. This team survived on dramatic comebacks and narrow wins. Can't last forever. A game down, the Cowboys face the Eagles at home in Week 14. The NFC East race resumes.