Libra in decision-making: the quest for fairness part 2

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Value of Consensus: They value reaching a consensus, where everyone involved in the decision-making process agrees on the chosen course of action. 

Consideration of Consequences: Libras carefully assess the potential consequences of each decision, striving to minimize negative impacts. 

Collaborative Decision-Making: They prefer collaborative decision-making processes, involving input from all relevant parties. 

Emphasis on Harmony: Libras consider the impact of decisions on overall harmony, seeking solutions that contribute positively to relationships and environments. 

Legal and Ethical Standards: Libras often align their decision-making with legal and ethical standards, prioritizing adherence to principles. 

Balancing Personal and Collective Interests: They strike a balance between personal interests and the collective good, avoiding decisions that overly favor one over the other. 

Patience in Decision-Making: Libras are patient in their decision-making process, taking the time needed to gather information and assess options thoroughly. 

Empathy in Decision-Making: Their decisions are influenced by empathy, considering the feelings and needs of others involved. 

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