Libra in decision-making: the quest for fairness part 1

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Weighing Options: Libras carefully weigh and consider various options before making decisions, seeking a balanced perspective. 

Desire for Fairness: The primary motivation for Libras in decision-making is a deep-seated desire for fairness and justice. 

Objective Evaluation: They strive to make decisions objectively, setting aside personal biases to ensure impartiality. 

Considering Multiple Perspectives: Libras naturally consider multiple perspectives, aiming to understand the viewpoints of all involved parties. 

Avoidance of Bias: They actively work to avoid favoritism or bias, ensuring that decisions are made based on merit rather than personal preferences. 

Seeking Compromise: Libras are natural compromisers, looking for solutions that accommodate the needs and desires of all parties involved. 

Open Communication: They encourage open and honest communication during decision-making processes to ensure clarity and transparency. 

Mediation Skills: Libras often find themselves in the role of mediators, helping to find common ground and resolve conflicts. 

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