Immune-Boosting Elixirs: Recipes to Keep You Healthy part 2

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Matcha Mint Immune Infusion: – Whisk matcha powder with warm water, add fresh mint leaves, and a touch of honey for a vibrant and antioxidant-rich elixir.

Lemon Lavender Relaxation Elixir: – Steep lavender tea, add lemon slices, and a teaspoon of honey for a calming and immune-supportive elixir.

Chamomile Citrus Soother: – Brew chamomile tea, infuse it with orange slices, and a drizzle of honey for a soothing and immune-boosting drink.

Spicy Cayenne Lemonade: – Mix fresh lemon juice with water, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and a teaspoon of maple syrup for a spicy immune elixir.

Mango Pineapple Vitamin C Boost: – Blend mango, pineapple, and a splash of orange juice for a tropical and vitamin C-packed immune-boosting elixir.

Carrot Turmeric Wellness Tonic: – Juice carrots and ginger, add a pinch of turmeric, and a squeeze of lemon for a vibrant and anti-inflammatory elixir.

Blueberry Basil Antioxidant Infusion: – Infuse blueberries and fresh basil in water, add a squeeze of lime, and a drizzle of honey for an antioxidant-rich elixir.

Aloe Vera Green Goddess Elixir: – Blend aloe vera gel, spinach, pineapple, and coconut water for a hydrating and immune-boosting green elixir.

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