How the Zodiac Signs Fall in Love, second Edition

Librans, like Taureans, adore romance, creativity, and wooing. Venus rules them. Librans like tailored presents. They are acute and quick to spot unfairness or imbalance. They value intelligence over appearance.





Scorpios are mysterious and magnetic. Scorpios will confess their love after the whole process. They will think you don't trust them until they know all your deep, dark secrets.






The traveler of the zodiac, Sagittarius is looking for a companion who is willing to go on experiences with them. They will be content if you are prepared to let them experience life and explore.


They have a strong desire to try new things and are also independent philosophers. Sagittarians steer clear of pettiness at all costs, so their partners would be wise to keep that in mind.


Saturn-ruled Capricorns are duty-bound. The traditional path to love suits them. Knowing they desire this is more important than demanding promises. They enjoy compassion and gifts with meaning.


It's all about quirkiness for Aquarians. Particularly when it comes to love relationships, they are incredibly inventive and clever. They see a strong friendship as being the same as being in love, and they won't allow their companion to compromise their principles or sense of self.


They may avoid conventional signs of romance, but at their core, they are softies who like modest gestures of kindness and care.


Pisceans are kind, sympathetic, and caring partners. Many are obsessed with love itself. Pisceans flourish with grounded companions who can continuously remind them to ground themselves.

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