Heart-Healthy Superfoods

Cheeseburgers with french fries are heavy in saturated fat and cholesterol, which can cause high blood pressure, heart attacks, and heart disease. Eating is as crucial as not eating for heart health.





John Quinn, registered dietitian nutritionist and Southern Ocean Medical Center head of Food and Nutrition, says eating unhealthy meals too regularly can cause plaque to build up in your arteries and degrade your heart's functioning. Certain nutrient-rich diets can safeguard your body from heart disease.”





Dark chocolate is the sweetest, but Irene Yu, M.S., registered dietitian nutritionist and clinical nutrition manager at Bayshore Medical Center, advises moderation. Eating 1 ounce of dark chocolate a few times a week improves circulation, reduces inflammation, and prevents “bad” LDL cholesterol oxidation.





Dark chocolate contains soluble fiber, iron, magnesium, and copper. Look for dark chocolate with 70% cocoa or more.





Dark leafy greens like kale, Swiss chard, and spinach go beyond salads. Roast, stir-fry, or sauté them. High in vitamins A, C, and K (which help blood clot)





Dark leafy greens include fiber, which lowers cholesterol and improves cognition. Daily recommended intake is 1.3 servings of greens (half-cup cooked or full cup raw).





Robyn Unrath, M.S., registered dietitian nutritionist at Palisades Medical Center, says healthy grains including oats, brown rice, popcorn, and oatmeal improve heart health. Whole grains' bran, germ, and starchy endosperm give fiber and protect arteries. Whole grains aid digestion and prevent chronic inflammation. At least 25 grams of whole grains each day reduces heart disease risk.






Fish including salmon, anchovies, sea bass, and albacore tuna provide omega-3 fatty acids, which reduces cholesterol and inflammation. Eating this sort of fish twice a week at 3.5 ounces cooked or ¾ cup of flaked fish is recommended. Options abound: To completely appreciate fatty fish's nutrition, bake, grill, steam, or broil.

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