Guidelines for aligning your home's decor with your astrological sign

When you want to make a fast and distinctive alteration to your home's decor, you can always rely on your own particular flair. But if you want something with even more symbolic value, you might decorate your house based on your zodiac sign.


Red might make Arians aggressive, although it can be employed in the south side at home. To inspire their creativity, the west-facing side should have a bright wall or bold items in sunny yellow. Avoid mirrors and fountains on the east side of the home.


Taureans love food, hence the kitchen is their favorite room. The practical star sign needs practical and easy food preparation options in this space. Venus rules this sign, thus it likes expensive furnishings. Avoid placing beds and seats east and south-west. Taureans flourish in natural, white environments since the moon is in their sign.


This twin sign enjoys efficient, clutter-free homes with plenty of storage since they love diversity and are ambitious. Instead than collecting trinkets in each area, get a high-quality statement piece. Their favorite color is green, yet mirrors balance the space.


Cancerians prefer houses with calming colors and nostalgic items since they are moon and water signs. They prioritize investing for a comfortable future and consider the northeast point of a residence fortunate. A touch of crimson on the east side of the house brings luck. This indication should be calmed by pastel colors.


Traditional residences appeal to Leos, who are possessive about their space and loved ones. They will display vintage books, photos, family artwork, and vacation trinkets to reflect their culture. Leos adore partying and hosting, so yellow and orange with gold accents bring out their hospitality.


This sign is known for pursuing perfection, which includes order and style in their houses, thus symmetrical furniture and empty walls won't do. Every space should have something meaningful or emotive to protect them from feeling incomplete. Violets and limes suit Virgos well. Prepare a budget before renovating to offer them control.


Venus dominates Libra, the creative sign. Even at home, they balance the scales by blending proportions and pairing furnishings in exact harmony. Introduce a striking centerpiece at the home's door or a vivid red color as they're drawn to lovely things.


Scorpions need custom dwellings. This sign proudly shows high-quality home furniture and standout pieces. Even the slightest defect or distaste of a space might turn this water sign off since Mars opposes it. Yellow and orange help soothe this animal, as can a pool or fountain.


Sagittarians are direct and like simple spaces. They don't enjoy breaching home décor norms, yet all colors work around them. Sunrise and sunset colors inspire them. A fresh bouquet of flowers, a potted plant, or a bowl of fruit are easy décor additions that will bring them closer to nature.


Capricorns buy leather sofas, solid-wood chests, grandfather clocks, and intricately woven rugs. Saturn impacts intense blue-black tastes. Keep the décor bright blue and gray to avoid a dismal, stuffy atmosphere. Use a mirror adjacent to huge wooden furniture to absorb extra energy instead of two mirrors opposite each other.


Aquarians adore rooms with flowing furnishings and decor, in honor of their water sign. All house furniture should be lightweight and adaptable to suit the mood. This will keep them calm at all times. Their favorite color is pastel blue, yet futuristic glass and steel work nicely for this sign.


Pisceans want everything they can fit in a home, from a breakfast nook by the dining table to a couch beside a king-sized bed. Changing little decorations and furnishings each season is a simple way to bring variety to the home. This sign daydreams, so linens and silks are soothing.

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