First version of How to Flirt According to Someone's Zodiac Sign

Romance is difficult, but understanding someone's zodiac sign might help you flirt. Modern astrology has found that a person's star sign may reveal a lot about their personality, giving you an advantage when pursuing your favorites.





Here's the ultimate way to determining if your crush's zodiac sign dictates that you should be honing your pick-up lines or taking up philosophy:






To get an Arian to call you back, be bold and use an eyebrow-raising insinuation. They'll likely enter your DMs before bed.


Taureans do things slowly, so a hard-and-fast approach may get you blocked before you can write “’ssup?” To grab their attention in a crowd, show interest in their life and gradually ask them highly personal questions that make them feel seen.


Geminis shine like the belle of the party. They instinctively flirt, so practice your pick-up lines before sending a tepid meme in their DMs.


Cancerians trust their pals, so if they endorse you, you've scored a plus ten. First show interest in their friends, then capture their heart.


Talk up Leos to their friends and coworkers at the bar—they adore attention. Word will get back and you may get a Saturday dinner invite.


Virgos are perfectionists who hate delegating yet love modest gestures of kindness. Help them attract the bartender's eye and move aside while they order their drink without infringing on their independence.

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