First edition of the zodiac signs' greatest dating ideas

Life occasionally brings you someone exceptional who needs a bit more attention and work than just binge-watching Netflix. Consider taking your date's zodiac sign into consideration while planning an evening that will truly satisfy their needs if you want to save hours of awkward chats and extended pauses.





When your newest Tinder crush of the week swipes back, you can just copy and paste our blueprint of date ideas. We've done the effort for you. Here are some custom date suggestions for each sign of the zodiac:






Although fiercely aggressive, few realize that zodiac wheel rams are childlike and playful. Take them to an old-fashioned amusement park for a unique first date. They will whine about how much they detest it and be secretly furious if you don't win a plush animal.


Taureans are great at planning a night out, so don't invade. Instead, give them a DIY cooking kit they can make together and boast about in their WhatsApp BFF group.


As the life of the party, take this social butterfly to shine in the spotlight. Group dates can win their heart, and arranging a drinking game they'll likely win can get additional points.


This zodiac water sign wants to hide their sensitivity and tenderness as homebodies. Enjoy an old-fashioned meal for two and ignore the weird sniffing throughout the melancholy parts of the romcom.


Take use of Leos' lion vigor to win them over. Leos thrive at the center of attention, so impress them by getting a seat at a celebrity-favorite fine-dining spot that is booked for months. If they start people-watching before the first meal, don't take it personally.


Simply said, courting a Virgo is easy. Spend time with them at a garden picnic instead of the latest It-club's flashing strobe lights. Add some trivia about your outstanding Tupperware collection to boost your street cred.

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