Find Your own Astronomical Sign's Complimentary the Pokemon


Aries, the Charizard is the perfect symbol for your strong fire sign. Like this famous Fire/Flying Pokémon, your sign is known for courage, competition, and (sometimes) rage. Charizard's flames grow stronger with its passion and drive, like your excitement and leadership qualities while you're pursuing your goals.


Snorlax, a trustworthy Taurus, is your Pokémon partner. prefer this Normal-type Pokémon, you prefer great cuisine and lengthy sleeps. Snorlax is legendary for its strength, which shows your dependability and dedication to defending loved ones.


Your adorable Jigglypuff represents your active and talkative attitude, Gemini. This Normal/Fairy Pokémon loves to be the center of attention and sings, much like you may capture others with your words. Jigglypuff suits your adaptive, inquiring nature.


Like Squirtle, the popular Water-type Pokémon, Cancer is kind and protective. Cancer, you provide emotional support, compassion, and a secure environment for people you love, like a squirrel's shell. Like this popular aquatic Pokémon, your emotional depth and intuition make you a trustworthy friend.


Leo, your boldness suits Pikachu, the most famous Pokémon. This electric Pokémon suits your magnetic personality. Pikachu's charisma and vitality light up any room—or battlefield—like your bright smile and natural charm.


Virgo, you most resemble Alakazam, a Psychic-type Pokémon with great intelligence and problem-solving ability. Your meticulous attitude to life's issues resembles Alakazam's combat analysis and strategy. Virgo, your commitment and gratitude reward people you love, much like this Pokémon rewards those it trusts with its talents.


Libra, Togepi, the Fairy-type Pokémon, represents your peace and charm. Like Togepi, which brings joy and warmth, you can balance and improve relationships with everyone you know. The sweet-natured Togepi matches your diplomatic talents and peace-loving attitude.


Intense and secretive Scorpio, Ghost/Poison Pokémon Gengar best represents you. Gengar, a mysterious and strong creature, matches your intriguing and robust personality. Like this ghostly Pokémon, you are both emotional and strategic, making you formidable allies and foes.


You're like Rapidash, Sagittarius, a fast Fire-type Pokémon. Rapidash's speed and grandeur show your passion of adventure and positive view on life. You live life with the same passion and courage as this fiery horse-like Pokémon.


Steelix, a Steel/Ground Pokémon, represents your discipline and ambition, Capricorn. You persevere like Steelix, a powerful creature. Like Steelix's iron physique, you're reliable and hardworking.


Porygon, innovative Aquarius, reflects you wonderfully. With its computerized and synthetic life, this Normal-type Pokémon represents your passion of development and unusual ideas. Your innovative nature matches Porygon's capacity to adapt and evolve via improvements.


Pisces, your empathy and intuition match Lapras, the Water/Ice Pokémon. Lapras has telepathic skills and is kind. Lapras depends on water, your sign's element, to heal and power. Singing helps it bond with other Pokémon, especially Lapras.

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