Exercises that burn calories and build muscle part 2

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Rowing: – Engages upper and lower body muscles for a full-body workout. – Effective for burning calories and improving cardiovascular health.

CrossFit Workouts: – Varied and high-intensity workouts incorporating different exercises. – Promotes strength, endurance, and calorie burning.

Battle Ropes: – Full-body workout that targets arms, shoulders, and core. – Increases cardiovascular endurance.

Cycling (Indoor or Outdoor): – Builds leg strength and endurance. – Can be an effective calorie-burning activity.

Elliptical Training: – Low-impact exercise that engages both upper and lower body. – Suitable for those with joint issues.

Kickboxing or Martial Arts: – Combines cardio with strength training. – Enhances flexibility and coordination.

TRX Suspension Training: – Uses body weight for resistance. – Engages multiple muscle groups and improves core strength.

Aerobic Dance or Zumba: – Fun and dynamic way to burn calories. – Incorporates dance moves with cardiovascular exercise.

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