Enjoyed the New Year's Eve celebration too much? Take a shot at these five detox drinks

Now that the new year has arrived, we can almost guarantee that most of you gorged yourself at the New Year's Eve celebration. It is time to cleanse your body of toxins after the partying and bingeing and get a fresh start on your new resolutions.

The initial stage in achieving good health is ensuring that your system is clean and devoid of pollutants. In addition to aiding with weight management, detoxing your body at regular intervals provides further health benefits. If you're ready to start over, try these five simple detox mixtures.

Like other healthy dishes, this one doesn't taste great. The antioxidants and phytonutrients in apple cinnamon water lower your risk of cancer, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. In addition to flushing out your system, the drink can speed up your metabolism.

In a glass of water, combine one cinnamon stick with one finely sliced apple. Make sure to mix everything well before serving.

Vitamin C abounds in oranges, beta-carotene is abundant in carrots, and ginger is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. The ideal detox drink is created by combining the three potent components.

All you need is a medium-sized orange, a carrot, and a slice of ginger that is an inch thick. Blend all of the ingredients together with half a cup of water until smooth. If you want more fiber in your drink, you won't have to strain it.

One tasty detox drink is lemonade. Lemon is a great source of vitamin C and aids in maintaining proper hydration. If you're attempting to detox, choose the salty lemonade over the sweet one.

In addition to being high in calcium, chia seeds are free of gluten. They aid with weight loss by making you feel less hungry. The seeds of the chia plant expand and turn into a gel when soaked in water. For a metabolic boost and system cleansing, consider drinking this beverage first thing in the morning.

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