Dolphins' Tyreek Hill to pay NFL photographer reprimanded.

Miami -- On Thursday, Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill stated he would reimburse a photographer whose NFL card was banned.

Hill caught himself executing a backflip on Fitzgibbons' cellphone after scoring, and the photographer eagerly jumped up and down before leaving the field to transmit the clip to the NFL.

Hill and Fitzgibbons maintained the event was unintentional, but Fitzgibbons said the NFL didn't like his reaction after the celebration.

The NFL informed me of my season-long and probably permanent suspension "Fitzgibbons wrote in his video. "They said regardless [of] if I knew the celebration was coming or not, I still had to be disciplined and that I shouldn't have jumped on the sidelines after the play."

After the game, Hill deflected criticism from Fitzgibbons for utilizing a prop in a celebration

It's just one of those things that kind of happened," Hill. I spotted the camera and snatched it from him, even though he didn't want me to. Just called my shot."

On Thursday, Hill was asked about his ban. He stated he would compensate Fitzgibbons' lost salary because they were old friends.

My relationship with K-Fitz is longstanding "Hill stated. "I already knew the news. Do not let this affect you, I advised him. Keep your head up. You're young. Do what you love. We'll keep working together.