December 2023: Kindest Self-Love Zodiac Messages Part 2

Libra, how does love seem like martyrdom to you? Escape this maze and see yourself as a person who needs caring. Try treating yourself like a loved one to transform your self-image. Accept nothing you wouldn't put your closest buddy through.



Scorpio, your December self-love message is trust and cherish yourself more. Give yourself a break and say no when you're not interested. Nothing is worse than neglecting oneself. Prioritizing yourself makes you more selective about who and what you invest in. Trust yourself not to fail.




You were created to be free, so avoid tying yourself down to things, people, and situations that make you feel short. You show yourself how much you appreciate yourself by taking a break.


This month, focus on evolution and expansion instead of linear growth to tap into love's frequency of change. To what do you dedicate yourself? Take action.


You may always power through, but this month, personalize this talent. Search your mind and heart for memories of being loved and search around for situations and relationships that still make you feel valued when you need love, power, and.


Miracles may enter your life if you open your heart, and as Rumi said, the wound is where the light enters. Add sprinkles to your salted caramel doughnut and remember to shine for yourself as you do for others.


Aquarius, channel your bittersweet goodness. While a detached perspective offers you the perspective you need, don't be afraid to use your sword to cut through BS. Remember that to be all love and light, you must leave darkness or stop it. Trust in your path and don't let others trash it.


Your generosity keeps your heart open. This month, embrace your uniqueness and be loyal to yourself even when you're misunderstood. You will see innovative responses from the cosmos. Self-love will be rewarded, so keep your self-worth high and heart modest.

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